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Lightweight and comfortable
The BABY-SAFE means that portability doesn’t have to come with a compromise. Its clever design builds smart safety and cocooning comfort into a lightweight shell.

Comfortably secure
The BABY-SAFE provides a safe and comfortable environment for your baby when you’re on the go. The softly padded side wings cocoon your baby in a protective shell, while the head support and integrated cushion ensure a comfortable fit and a natural lying position for small babies. You can also remove the cushion to provide more space as your baby grows.

Versatility and convenience
Light and easy to use, the BABY-SAFE gives you complete versatility and convenience, letting you move quickly and easily between car and pushchair. In the car it can be installed either with the car’s 3-point seat belt or on our BABY-SAFE ISOFIX BASE or BABY-SAFE BELTED BASE and, with the CLICK & GO® adapters provided, it can be fitted on any Britax pushchair.

Adjustable handle
The adjustable handle allows you to easily move it to the back and place your child in the infant carrier. Simply press the buttons on each side of the handle to unlock and move it. When the carrier is placed on the floor, we recommend folding the handle back completely to prevent rocking.

Softly padded head support
Our softly padded head support keeps your child’s head in a comfortable position. It also ensures a natural and ergonomic lying position with an integrated cushion in the back area of the child. As your baby grows, you can remove the cushion to provide extra space.

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