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Buick Enclave Tuscan 2016

buick enclave 2016

On the upcoming April 2015 motor show in New York (USA), many well-known auto companies have announced the appearance of its new products. Carmaker «GM» is going to bring a special version of its flagship Buick Enclave called Tuscan Edition. Buick brand in the degree of prestige is only slightly below the executive Cadillac, so this interest among Americans led to the emergence in 2007 bench crossover Buick Enclave.

Created as Chevrolet Treverse on the same GM platform, the car has a length of 5126 mm., And the width and height, respectively, of 2 meters and 183.4 cm, while the value of the wheelbase is slightly more than three meters (302 cm). Last update gorgeous Buick Enclave was carried out in 2011. The exterior of the sport utility vehicle changes virtually unnoticeable. The only notable change is the replacement of the old 18-tidyuymovyh wheels for stylish 19-tidyuymovye.

The standard second-row two «captains» seat and landing formula 2 + 2 + 3. Optionally, it can be accommodated in the second row of three people comfortably, allowing a flexible, Buick carry 8 people. The luggage compartment (655 liters) can be increased to a whopping 3265 liters by folding the rear seats two rows. An important advantage is the possibility of a heavy vehicle transport in the trailer more than two tonnes of cargo.

Trim is made on the level of the premium and in the standard version with high quality materials. Inlays, imitating «Mahogany.» Adjusting the driver’s seat is provided in the eighth position with the help of actuators, and steering wheel multifunctional steering wheel adjustable in flight and angle.
Optionally, you can order a 20-inch chrome wheels, dual sunroof and remote engine start system. Equipped with numerous safety systems car received the highest rating by the results of the crash test for the protection of occupants in a side impact and frontal impact. Special laminated glass, triple door seals, underbody coating provides excellent sound insulation. Migrated effective suspension provides excellent handling, even when on the road without a car cover is smooth and well answers the helm.

buick enclave 2016

The new version Enclave Tuscan Unlike the stock Buick Enclave is bronze-colored grille and painted in chrome and bronze-colored 20-inch wheels. The client can choose from one of three body color and optional all-wheel drive. The list of equipment added to three-zone climate control, rear view camera, LED lights and electric tailgate.

A special version of the crossover, which in the summer of 2015 will be available on the Chinese and American markets, is available in two versions.

In the first case, a leather interior equipped with heated front seats, and in the second embodiment in addition to the heated front seats and even provided ventilation. As used in the car multimedia system enables via LTE-network connected to the Internet. Besides a heated steering wheel, and you can open the door mechanically. The new movement is provided by the same 288-tisilnym engine capacity of 3.6 liters, and in the sink models.

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