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Choosing a car seat for a child

Choosing a car seat for a child

It isn`t recommended to buy the chair of Chinese or Taiwanese production. Although they are cheap but the pleasure of such a purchase would be short-lived.

Reliability and quality the seat of the European manufacture. Their production is carried out according to the research of optimal conditions for children of any age and weight.
There are car seat universal. Their implementation provides almost all cases. Using the controls, the seat can be configured as 3-year-old and 11-year-old child. When choosing a car seat, you should pay attention to the support system. Valuable seat assumes the possibility of regulating the width and height of the backrest and the length and inclination of the pillow.
Don`t forget about the settings of the head restraint, seat belt and lateral support. If all adjustments are provided, then the child will be comfortable. If a child over 4 years, then choose the best seat with him. Then he will tell which of the most comfortable seats.

How correctly choosing a car seat for a child?

The child seat is selected of depending on the weight.

All seats are divided into groups:

  • 0 – zero group includes a child’s weight to 10 kg;
  • 0+ – plus zero group includes a child’s weight to 13 kg;
  • 1 – The first group includes the weight of the child from 9 to 18 kg;
  • 2 – The second group includes the child’s weight from 15 to 25 kg;
  • 3 – The third group includes the child’s weight from 22 to 36 kg.

For very young kids should buy a car cradle. It must be securely restrained in the rear seat, so that when braking, it isn`t fell. Many motorists prefer the seat-carrying. These seats are designed for older children. Their fixation is carried out against the movement of the car, so the frontal impact the child is better protected. Seats of this type can be used as a rocking chair or as a chair. Some models include the ability to transform into the carriage.

When buying a child car, give preference to well-known brands

Many car seats are similar to carry, but are made of plastic in the form of “Soap”, a secure power frame. It provides tilt and the seat is installed forward facing car. For older children use the chair with the ability to move from the inside to the outside of the child lock. When the child grows up, the car seat can be removed, leaving the seat. Installing this type of seating is made in the course of the movement.

Top 10 best manufacturers of baby car seats

  1. Kiddy
  2. Cybex
  3. Britax-Romer
  4. Maxi Cosi
  5. Recaro
  6. BeSafe
  7. Bebe Confort
  8. Concord
  9. Casualplay
  10. Heyner

When transporting children aged 10-11 years are mainly used seat-pads and fixing the child takes a regular seat. When choosing a car seat you should be guided by the child’s weight.

Another criterion for selection is the seat comfort. If a child is something that will not like it, it is likely that it will start to act up, which had a negative impact on safety at the wheel. Remember, the child is younger, the more he sleeps, so it’s best to choose a seat with adjustable tilt. In the case where the child has not reached 3 years of age, it is necessary to provide for the presence of Y-shaped and five-point harness. These belts prevent damage to the abdomen and spine.

Don`t carry a child, landing on his knees. At the time of the accident can be dropping out of the hands of his or her body to pin down. Do not fasten the child regular seat belt. This mounting method will not help him in an emergency. Car belt designed for adults. At the time of the trip is necessary to ensure that the child is not between the backs of the front seats. When the inside of the child, it is forbidden have loose heavy objects. At the moment of impact they may harm the baby. When traveling it is necessary to ensure that the child doesn`t turn his back to the driver. In the event of an emergency it is likely that it will fall and hurt the back of his head. Installing the child seat between the front seats is forbidden, as is securely lock the seat doesn`t work, besides this place is not safe for the baby.

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