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Peace of mind on the road and up in the air
The streamlined ECLIPSE is the ideal solution for cars with limited space – with a lightweight shell and slim base. It’s even TUV certified for air travel. But compact doesn’t mean compromise – with advanced side and frontal impact protection to ensure a safe journey.

Approved on two-points
One of the few car seats that can be installed with a 2-point lap belt as well as a 3-point seat belt, ECLIPSE gives you great flexibility and is suitable for a wider range of cars. Designed to keep your child as safe as possible, it can be installed in the centre back seat – as far away as possible from the impact in the event of a side collision.

Cleared for take off
Approved for use on planes with the optional aircraft fitting kit (available separately), ECLIPSE provides your child with protection and comfort when flying. Compared to the aircraft’s lap belt, which is designed for adults rather than children, ECLIPSE’s 5-point harness keeps your child safe and tight in the seat’s protective shell.

5-point harness
We believe a 5-point harness is the safest way to secure your child in a car seat because it keeps your child safe and tight in the seat’s protective shell. In the event of a collision, the harness distributes the forces of the impact across 5 points, two at the shoulders, two at the hips and one where the harness buckles between the legs. This helps to protect your child from all directions of impact.

Performance Chest Pads
Our performance chest pads provide comfort and reduce your child’s forward movement in a frontal collision with extra care and attention to the child’s delicate neck. They also help spread the forces from a frontal impact more evenly across your child’s shoulders and chest.

Official website: Britax

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