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For BMW owners will create TECH superkey

Super Key BMW 7

Finally, automakers began to seriously increase the functionality of the keys, turning them into a truly high-tech gadgets. New Keychain for BMW 7 Series resembles rather a small smartphone, rather than banal device to unlock the car. But most importantly, with the key can be remotely «steer».

We already know that in the depths of the newest flagship BMW, sedan 7 Series, the Bavarians have integrated proprietary system of autonomous parking, allowing to drive the car in the garage box without the physical presence of the driver. So as a remote control, Remote Control Parking (RCP) will serve not some stick from the game console, but key high-tech, reminiscent of a modern smart phone or watch. The BMW proudly declare that «seven» is the first production car in the world with such functionality.

Super Key BMW 7

At least, all the attributes of the new gadgets fob BMW there. Here and 2.2-inch touch screen with a resolution of 320×240 pixels, and pre-installed applications that allow you to remotely lock / unlock the car, check with the navigation tips, see the on-board information (for example, the balance of the course), and much more. We don`t know whether it is able to stick to do self and post them to Instagram, but it seems to us, and this wait is long.

Super Key BMW 7

The function remote control car can accommodate «seven» BMW in close parking space, for example, a narrow garage. Standing next to the car, the driver initiates the process of movement of the machine back and forth by pressing the key. This sedan should be placed exactly in the center of the alleged parking space. Distance from the autonomous movement is limited to the distance 7 Series 1.5 car lengths.

In principle, such a smart key for the company BMW — is not news. A similar device is already attached to a green sports car i8, but the function of remote control car it was missing. It can be expected that over time the gadget as an option available for other models of the Bavarian automaker.

Recall that in Europe the base price of the diesel version 730d will be 100,445 euros or 107,480 euros, depending on the type of drive. Prices for versions with petrol engines start with 107,690 euros for performance of rear-wheel drive 740i and with 137,935 euros for the all-wheel drive 750i xDrive.

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