Первый кроссовер Genesis с концепцией топливных элементов

Престижный суббренд Hyundai - Genesis подтверждает свою приверженность водородным топливным элементам. На данный момент это основа стратегии Genesis. Нулевой выброс вредных веществ в атмосферу - такова концепция первого кроссовера бренда. Автомобиль, получивший название GV80 Concept - первый из ...

Hyundai was founded by Chung Ju Yong founded in 1947. Company name translates from Korean as "modern" or "real time." Hyundai has passed the stage of formation of a small auto repair shop to the largest of the South Korean holding company, specializing in various fields of engineering. Hyundai has become engaged in the automobile industry in the late 60s. . Cars have their own production of Hyundai did not yet exist. Management of Hyundai weren`t happy with this situation and cases, and in 1973 the company began to develop, and a little later and manufacture their own cars. It was opened design department Hyundai.