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How correctly carry a child in the car?

How correctly carry a child in the car?

A separate topic of conversation among motorists is the question of how to transport children. After all, one way or another, transportation of children affected by many drivers. And, of course, we would like to protect my child, being in the car from possible trouble. Even as a law-abiding motorist, and to the same careful and neat, to ensure the safety of road travel impossible. What would be the marginal share of accuracy you aren`t trying to drive a car with a “valuable cargo on board”, no one is immune from sudden maneuvers, collisions and other hazards.

Safety child in the car is the most important

Heading out on the road with a child in the car, ensure the safety of the baby that`s adult responsibilities. The essence of the answer to the question of how to transport a child in the car is so reliable and convenient to fix and limit the possibility of impact in a collision or sudden maneuvers. As the tests and crash tests, the baby is more likely to survive and remain intact when transported in a car seat or autocradle, depending on the age of the child.

The most common way of allowing protect children in the car was a special car seat or child restraint, as the official text of the rules of the road. In a special child restraint must be the child if it is transported in the front passenger seat. To fit the rear carriage of a particular tool that allows you to capture a child with a seatbelt designed into the car.

For the little ones able to carry them in the front seat backrest forward. If you use this option, don`t forget to turn off the airbag. If the airbag is not possible to disconnect, then transported the child backwards, you shouldn`t. When a baby rides facing forward, turn off the airbag isn`t necessary. The general recommendation is that for convenience, comfort and safety of your baby travel time should be less than one and a half hours.

Comfort baby while driving – a pledge of quiet trip

It is one thing – to protect the baby from injury or damage during the move, but there are physiological needs of the child, capable, if they aren`t quench, turn the trip into a nightmare. So, most likely, during the trip the baby is hungry. This is an adult able to suffer for half an hour, and for the little man half an hour can seem longer than a day. So don`t be amiss to take on the road a little unsweetened biscuits and a couple of apples. Drink a light snack is better mineral water, but have you ever seen the kid was using it voluntarily. That’s right, few of the children delighted with mineral water. Fortunately today there is a huge selection of juices, so that not only the taste, but you can pick up convenient packaging. But a surrogate should be avoided to him are all sorts of unknown composition of soda, and besides, stuffed to overflowing dyes.

It may be necessary to provide a sour drink, it will come in handy if the son or daughter in the car cradles. But motion sickness pills do more harm than good. Generally you can talk about the pills separately. If your child has any chronic disease, its standard set of drugs available in the home medicine cabinet should migrate into the car.

Child and pet in one car

A trip with the whole family, such as a picnic often implies that travels with you even four-legged home favorite. If the child and the pet comfortable with each other, it doesn`t mean that the trip will cost without incident. Some of them, bored on a trip, can take a neighbor, or it will be a mutual initiative.

Well, if the car has even some of the adults to control. And if you are one busy, it all eventually  lead to disaster. These aren`t idle speculation, this is the experience of many motorists who traveled in similar situations. In general, the majority of breeders and dog handlers among them, agree on a common opinion that the animal better be transported in a special container. And the animals themselves, usually quickly get used to this, moreover, such a container is able to save the life of an animal in the event of an accident.

In any event, even knowing how to transport children, only the driver to decide how he will carry the baby in the car. One can only hope that in the first place, the adult makes a decision based on the safety of small passenger, and not out of fear of being punished. And the punishment for negligence can be not only a fine, but also life.

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