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How should you behave when the police stop your car?

How should you behave when the police stop your car?

The first advice is very easy and simple.

Follow the road rules. Don’t break them, and you won’t get ticketed. Don’t ignore the traffic laws. Also they can vary from state to state and even from town to town, so do some research if you’re driving away from home.

You should drive carefully, aggression on the road will not lead to good results. Even if you follow all the rules, but driving recklessly and unstable, it may result in unwanted accidents. Such aggressive drivers always attracted the attention of police. Do not hesitate to contact the driving school where you teach to drive balanced and not interfere with other road users.

Don’t forget about seat belt. Officers always strikes whether you wearing a seat belt.

If you are stopped by a police officer, follow these rather simple guides. They can help you to reduce your chances of getting a ticket. And also save your money and don`t increase insurance premiums.

The police stop your car?

If you hear a siren, you should pull over as soon as possible. You shouldn`t continue to move in search of the best places to park, a police officer can it be regarded as an attempt to hide or something similar. But if you have the opportunity to stay in a safe place, such as parking, you shouldn`t neglect the possibility of such. As an officer you will be grateful that he did not have to walk along a heavily trafficked thoroughfare. He’ll be thankful for that.

Turn off the engine after you’ve stopped. Such a gesture would allow a police officer to know that you’re not going to trick him and abruptly leave your place. In most cases, the representative of law-enforcement will have to ask you to turn off the engine.

The next your step should be to put your hands on the wheel. It`s help the policeman to see that you are not reaching for a concealed weapon or trying to stash incriminating evidence.

If you are stopped at night you should turn on the light in the car. In this case, the officer would be better to see you and feel himself a little less stressed.

You should turn off the music or radio. Keep silence. In this way you show to the policeman your respect for their authority.

Never lie or argue with officer. It isn`t the best idea. All ticket you can challenged in the court by official manner.

If you follow our simple tips you can reduce potential ticket and receive only a warning.


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