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How to choose a heated seat for the car?

How to choose a heated seat for the car?

With the onset of the first cold weather, car owners are thinking not only about the purchase of much-needed sets of winter tires for their cars, but also over heated seat kit.

Heated seat kit in new car models installed even in the minimum configuration. But unfortunately, this practice has appeared quite recently. And earlier the heating was installed in more top versions. Therefore, most drivers want to buy heated seats for the car.

What to do to car owners who have heated seats not included in the basic package?

The answer is quite simple, purchase and install the necessary missing element yourself.

The history of creation – in search of truth

By its principle, car seat heating is an electrical device that, after installation, is connected to the vehicle’s electrical system. Quite a long time ago it became necessary to create such a device. But the modern version appeared quite recently, the author can hardly be called.

For the primacy of creating heating for car seats, two countries are fighting at once: America and Sweden. There are much more adherents of the first country, since as far back as 1955 this innovative idea was patented. Its author was Robert Ballard. Ten years later, the idea was brought to life. And implemented in the car Cadillac Fleetwood. Heated seats were made of special carbon fabric for optimal performance.

However, the Swedes do not give up and stubbornly declare that it was they who implemented this idea for the first time. Although their implementation was realized a little later, in 1972. On the one hand, they later realized and embodied their idea. But on the other hand, it is their variation that is considered more perfect.

Nevertheless, such attempts to create the best option for heated seats in the car had its drawbacks. For several decades, automotive engineers and designers have been working to improve and create the perfect option. Famous car concerns do not accidentally pay attention to this function in the car, because it was put on a par with the seat belt system and turbocharger.

Built-in heated set kit or cover-cape?

Heated seat kit can be divided into two types:

  • built-in – are installed under the seat trim and are connected to the vehicle’s on-board network.
  • outer (case or cover with heating), are attached with special belts and are usually connected to the cigarette lighter socket.

Each of the above types has its advantages and disadvantages. The question is only in the financial capabilities of the owner of the car and its technical training. Consider each option in order.

Built-in heated seats are a more expensive option and difficult to install, but it is also more functional.

Its complexity is encrypted in the title, since such heated seats are built into a regular car seat and hides under its upholstery.
Installation of this option requires more time and manipulation, which is often not the strength of every car owner. And you have to contact the service centers for installation, which increases the cost of the whole process.

If the built-in heating breaks down, often the main problems are the break of the heating thread or the wiring problem, to repair the problem again you will have to contact the specialists and pay for their services.

The price of embedded models is somewhat higher than external options.

What to pay for?

The advantages of built-in heated set kit for cars:

  • Aesthetic look. The built-in seat heating option does not disturb the appearance of the car seats. It is not visible. Only a couple of buttons are visible for adjustment.
  • Functionality. In a pair of control buttons are hidden many features. Such as the regulation of the heating force, protection against overheating or short circuit, button illumination and so on. Often the built-in version has more features.
  • Adjustment. The possibility of temperature control, which allows you to create an optimally comfortable temperature for the driver and passengers.
  • Heating force When installing the built-in seat heating, as we have already written above, it is connected directly to the vehicle’s electrical network, so the power is noticeably higher than that of similar external models that are connected via a cigarette lighter.

Advantages of exterior models of heated seats:

  • Easy to install and dismantle. Fastened with special belts, rubber bands or hooks, and the cover is simply put on a regular car seat. By the time, the installation will take several minutes and does not require any outstanding knowledge in the automotive industry.
  • Seat protection from pollution.
  • Design. They have a lot of color options and are made of various materials.

Disadvantages of heated cases:

  • Connect to the cigarette lighter, which means their power will be small and limited by its capabilities and fuses. And if you connect several seats, then the power will be correspondingly lower
  • Heating power adjustment usually has only two options. Low heat or strong.

Any heated car seats, whether built-in or in the form of a cover, comes in two zones, that is, immediately for the backrest and for the seat. Separate heating of any zone is very rare.

Often, manufacturers offer a kit for just one seat. However, if you need two or more it is better to look for exactly the kit. Since then it will be envisaged by the design to output all the wires to the center of the cabin, as well as for paired sets, additional buttons may be provided only for switching on one of the seats.

What to look for when buying a car heated set kit?

  • Pay attention to the type of heating element. It can be both tape and wire.
  • Wire heater is cheaper, due to this, the product itself is much cheaper, but this is its only advantage.

The tape heater in this case is much more profitable:

  • promotes better seat heating with less energy consumption.
  • not afraid of damage to one of the elements
  • with parallel connection, the remaining elements continue to work

If there was a simple breakdown of the seat heating, then often the necessary accessories for repair can be purchased separately.

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