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How to transport a newborn safely and correctly

How to transport a newborn safely and correctly

Having of a small child in the family is always associated with more trouble, because you need to buy a crib, stroller, diapers and much more. The list is actually quite large. But strange as it may sound, the list of the least, if not misses car holding device for transporting children. In fact, it is quite necessary and useful thing to be almost from the first days of life.

A child seat in the car

Newborn makes his first trip to the car in the first days of his life, when mother with him discharged from the hospital. And it isn`t the last time when the baby will travel by car. That is why the main task for the new parents is to ensure complete safety during the journey to the child. If you have a personal transport for all, without exception, parents raises the question: “How to carry a newborn?”. For the transport of children has long special restraints.

Rules of transportation of the newborn in a car

How to transport a newborn in the car, so as not to harm the child’s health? Many young parents think that can be transported  the newborn in her arms, and nothing bad will happen, but it’s just confusing. Babies strictly forbidden to carry arms, and this is a very powerful argument. Head of young children takes almost ¼ of all of their weight, and neck muscles hard enough to cope with such a mass. During the movement are often some jerks that may very pitiable say on the baby if it is carrying in her arms. On jerks can happen a serious violation of the cervical. If that happens, then it is too late and that therefore it is better to prepare for the trip, observing the rules and recommendations on the transport of newborns.

The kid in the restraint must lie / sit back in the direction of motion. This arrangement saves a baby from his spinal injuries during sudden braking of the machine. You can`t start moving until the child is wearing a seat belt. Transporting a child in a vehicle can only be in a special restraint. You can`t carry a child in her arms. Hands can`t be always in suspense, that’s why a little loosening hands, you can drop the baby or change his position on the uncomfortable.

To transport children in the car there are two types of restraints: the car seat and carrycot. So what can transport a newborn so that he was in complete safety during the ride? Undoubtedly, each device intended for the transport of children, there are pros and cons that must be considered when buying. Car seat is designed for children from infants and older. The car seat must be installed so that the newborn was turned back in the direction of motion, backwards. Car seat for babies attached ordinary belts and special brackets, which are located in the back seat of the car. Car seat ensures complete safety in road accidents due to the fact that a child is in it reclining at an angle of 450. Even if the vehicle gets into a small accident, the child will not suffer because car seat accurately captures all of the baby’s body. And with the help of special belts, which is equipped with a child seat, you can lock newborn. If seat belts seem enough, you can impose a child with special rollers or laterally ordinary pillows.

Carrycot is ideal for babies, because only in her baby feels comfortable enough, because it provides a position that is considered to be the most correct. In the carrycot a newborn is in the supine position. The carrycot is suitable for the small car because cradle is installed in the back seat of the car. It has a special attachment that allows well and firmly lock the device. Mounts are available and inside the cradle, which allows to fasten the baby in order to provide him full security.

How to choose the correct car seat for the newborn?

Before buying a car seat, it is necessary to pay attention to some fairly important issues, such as how to carry the newborn in a car seat. And it’s not the only thing you need to know before buying a chair.

Don`t buy a universal seat that grows with the child. Even though it is considered to be very profitable, but it is still not safe. The car seat should be fully consistent with the weight of a newborn.

If your child has a low weight – up to 3.5 kg, it is necessary to purchase a seat that has a small size. If the child is larger, it is recommended to buy a wide and deep seat. Another important feature when choosing a car seat is the quality of the material from which it is performed. Details made of plastic don`t have to have a sharp unpleasant odor, should be strong and durable. Brackets and fasteners must be made of metal. It is better to choose a model in which there is a removable cover, so can easily wash it when necessary. Before you purchase a car seat  you need to try it in your car. Frequent phenomenon is that attachment to the car seat and don`t fit together, and so the installation process increases several times. Make sure that the attachment to the car seat suitable precautions are never superfluous, especially when it comes to a small child. After all, newborn  need to think through all the actions a few steps forward. That is why, before you hit the road, you need to ensure your baby comfortable and safe place.

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