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Is cruise control comfortable and how to use it?

Is cruise control comfortable and how to use it?

How to use cruise control, we will explain in this article.

During long journeys, many drivers face so that a constant retention legs on the gas pedal in a fixed position leads to rapid fatigue. That is to simplify the driving when driving long distances in modern cars establish a system called cruise control.

Therefore, it is important to learn how to use cruise control on long journeys. Currently, the installation of such a system is available on vehicles with manual gearbox and with the automatic.

What is the cruise control?

Cruise control is a system designed to automatically maintain a given speed of the driver. Activation of the vehicle mentioned system allows you to maintain a specified speed limit, regardless of the terrain, while not resorting to tedious mechanical stress foot on the accelerator pedal.

In cases where the road conditions require increased speed, such as for overtaking passing vehicle, the driver simply presses the gas pedal and the car accelerates. To slow the car, the driver uses the brake pedal.

Pressing the brake pedal and gas lead to temporarily disable the cruise control.

However, the termination of such manipulations, the system automatically activates and restores the previously specified speed, information about which is stored in the internal memory.

Automatic adjustment of speeding (cruise control)

The adjustment system has a switch cruise control – generally in the form of a button. However, there are options with several buttons for different functions. Standard cruise control has a button allows you to activate and deactivate the system. Another button, denoted by «set», used by the driver when the vehicle reaches the desired speed. To improve the information content on the car dashboard displays relevant indication, reflecting all the action with cruise control. Increasing the flow of traffic on motorways leading to the fact that more and more the standard cruise control, called passive, is replaced by the adaptive cruise control, which is a more advanced version of the system.

The main advantage of the adaptive cruise control is the presence of additional features which, although not replace the driver, but it is much easier to drive the car and make it more comfortable. Some of these features include automatic maintenance of the distance to the vehicle in front, to prevent unauthorized rolling with ups, automatic braking in the event of obstacles, etc.

Some features for different types of vehicles from two additional buttons are used to increase and decrease the speed of the car. In most cases, each press increases or reduces the speed by 1 km/h.

Here is a small guide: cruise control is operated with additional buttons

  • Speed up. Press lightly on the lever and hold it in this position allows you to dial the desired speed without the driver pressing the gas pedal.

Fixing typing speed and its written in the memory device is performed by releasing the lever.

Interruption (failure) occurs in the set speed when the current speed for 1 minute exceeds recorded in the memory 10-16 km / h (depending on the grade of a vehicle), or current speed is below a predetermined 8-10 km / h . To adjust the speed should recall it from memory, or cruise control set and save again.

  • Slow down. Slow down via the cruise control in a similar way: press the corresponding button (lever) and after the speed to the desired released. The rate is fixed, and its value is stored in the memory device. Short pressing the same result in a decrease in speed of 1 km/h. Some cars, for example, BMW 525td, as well as the vehicles in which the equipment has an automatic stability control to save the speed you want to record a predetermined speed in the memory and so forth use the cruise control is already helping memory, so to speak, of the device.
  •  Off. Shutting down the system is made easy by clicking the appropriate button. Current traffic conditions thus have no value.

Turn off the engine erases stored in the memory speed.

In addition, the cruise control is automatically deactivated when the driver braking, under acceleration exceeding 1.5 m / s and moving the lever of the automatic gearbox in neutral (position N).

How to use cruise control

Special switches mounted on the clutch and brake pedals to regulate off the cruise control. The system also provides for the installation of the regulating throttle valve actuator, which allows the car with activated cruise control system to move without the driver pressing the gas pedal. Adjusting the fuel supply in this case is made using a special cable that is attached to the throttle. Thus, the control unit for cruise control is a true minicomputer that quickly analyzes the set of incoming data and it supports the specified speed limit, being a good example of the actual realization of the theory relating to the automatic control systems.

Think about safety

The ride comfort is not only a concern for the feelings of the driver. A tired driver can make a mistake that will lead to very dire consequences. This is especially important on long journeys. A few hours of driving, and a few days in a row will cause fatigue and decreased attention from anyone, even physically strong person.

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