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Safety that moves with you
The portable KID II provides superior safety for older children within a lightweight shell that can be easily moved between cars and secured by 3-point seat belt.

Good to know: The KID II has been tested by ADAC (ADAC Motorwelt 11/2015) with a rating of “GOOD” and a grade of 1.8.

Large side wings for comfort and safety
Offering an additional level of protection, KID II is a highback booster seat with deep, softly padded side wings that are designed to give the comfort and safety that older children need when they are travelling. It provides head-to-hip protection for your child and ensures that every journey is safe.

Perfect fit for growing children
Quickly and simply installed using the car’s 3-point seat belt, KID II’s seat belt guides automatically adjust as you change the height of the headrest. As a result, the seat belt is always correctly positioned to provide the correct fit for your child. And the lightweight shell makes it easy to transfer the seat between cars. As your child grows and their shoulders get wider, the V-shaped backrest ensures a comfortable fit throughout.

Adjustable V-shaped backrest
Designed to give optimum support to your growing child, the V-shaped backrest provides more space for their back and shoulders. Plus, the adjustable backrest allows you to match the angle of the vehicle seat, providing a better fit and a comfortable position for your child.

Highback booster protection
Our highback boosters protect your child in 3 ways: the seat shell provides head to hip protection for your child, especially in the event of a side impact; the upper and lower belt guides provide correct positioning of the seat belt; and the padded headrest provides safety and comfort for your child’s head and neck.

Easy adjustable, ergonomic headrest
Our headrest is designed especially for older children, when using the 3-point seat belt to secure them in the car seat. It can easily be adjusted to the correct position, just above your child’s shoulders, with one hand – even while they are sitting in the seat. Plus the headrest is ergonomically designed to support your child’s head when they fall asleep.

Official website: Britax

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