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Porsche Taycan to come with 3 years of free Electrify Canada charging

Porsche Taycan to come with 3 years of free Electrify Canada charging

Porsche Cars Canada says it will provide owners of the first all-electric Porsche, Taycan, three years of complimentary charging at Electrify Canada public charging stations across the country.

The automaker and Electrify Canada, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Canada, announced the deal Thursday.

This charging benefit will be included in the price of the Taycan, which starts at $119,400 for the Taycan 4S, $173,900 for the Taycan Turbo, and $213,900 for the Taycan Turbo S. A $1,500 destination fee applies to all three models.

Electrify Canada highway and metro stations, and many Porsche dealers, will offer DC fast charging at levels of power up to 350 kilowatts. The Taycan’s maximum charging power is 270 kW. Using 800-volt technology and the combined charging system plug, it will be able to recharge to 80 per cent from five per cent of “state of charge” in 22.5 minutes, the fastest in today’s automotive market, according to Porsche.

Porsche Taycan to come with 3 years of free Electrify Canada charging

Taycan owners will receive three years of complimentary 30-minute charging at Electrify Canada locations, subject to certain terms and conditions, which Porsche Cars Canada didn’t immediately detail. The nationwide, ultra-fast charging network will see the opening of 32 stations through 2020.

Electrify Canada, in late September, opened the first of its planned fast-charging stations that it says can recoup up to 320 kilometres of range of a vehicle’s battery in just 10 minutes.

Porsche’s 19 Canadian dealerships will each be equipped with charging stations, too.

Porsche unveiled its Taycan EV at an event in Niagara Falls, Ont., in early September.

The sleek four-door, with up to 750 horsepower and a driving range of about 450 kilometres, is a major bet on EVs for Porsche, long known for its loud, speedy, combustion-powered sports cars.

“The burgeoning Electrify Canada charging network will allow future owners of the first all-electric Porsche to free themselves from range anxiety making their drive on some of Canada’s most iconic roads even more rewarding,” Marc Ouayoun, CEO of Porsche Cars Canada said in a statement.

Electrify Canada stations will generally be built from Vancouver to Calgary in Western Canada and from Windsor to Quebec City in the east. Long term, the company also plans to build more fast chargers within cities to allow for fast charging for EV drivers who do not have home charging units.

Porsche also said that new charging options for the Taycan will include a Porsche-designed home system. Details of the system and installation options will follow soon, it said.

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