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What it is in a child car seat?

child car seat

In the first place, the choice of automobile child seat should pay attention to the material from which it is made. Typically it is plastics or aluminum. Recommended aluminum seats, as their strength above. But we shouldn`t neglect the plastic models.

To the child was more secure, you have to choose the seat with anatomical backrest. To determine this, just touch it. Folding shouldn`t be flat, but instead with a plurality of bends which form the back of the child is repeated. Besides the seat shall be provided adjusters. Prolonged moving children to sleep, and the need to establish a seat to sleep. Also seat with tilt adjuster include reclining or sitting mode.

The armrests, headrest and seat – one of the most important in the car seat. On the headrest is also recommended to pay attention. It`s  adjustment to be with a lot of steps change the tilt. In some models, child seat head restraint is not provided. In this case, the backrest should be continued, and is under the head of the baby. It is also necessary and side elements protect the child from impacts, which also will prevent the loss of his seat, and the ability to adjust the lateral elements add convenience.

It is recommended that up to 4 years, the child seat was fixed, which are provided in the car seat. Their performance can be different. There are straps that pass through the stomach or wide ribbon in the form of multi-point models.

Safer belt is considered to be locked at five points. Thus, in the event of a collision load is distributed on the fastening and prevent possible fractures and bruises. However, the material quality and performance belt plays an important role. When  you choose, check operation of locks, their convenience, whether the belt withstand load, whether it  is attached. After the accident it may be necessary to quickly free the child. Therefore, good access to the locks can play a big role. However, we must remember that convenient locks should be well protected from the child, so he didn`t open them.

For the child seat should choose the right covers. This may not be so important in the child’s safety, but case – it isn`t only the aesthetics and beauty, it is also a protection against injuries. Correctly sewn soft cover and prevent rapid deterioration of the chair and the child more comfortable to lie on it, so the baby will be calmer.

Case must be regularly removed for washing. However, when choosing the cover you should pay attention to the fabric. It should be natural, repellent to cover could be used for a long time. When washing is necessary to pay attention to the signs explaining what you need to select a method of washing. Case must serve a minimum of 4 years, with the expectation and need to choose it.

Fastening of children car seat

Most of child car seats have attached regular seat belts. It’s pretty convenient and reliable. However, when buying a chair you need to check how it will be located in the cabin, and it is safe, it is fixed. Since car seats and child seats custom, every individual model, you may experience problems with the installation.

If regular belts in the back seat are not provided, you will have to consider how to strengthen the child seat. The safest place in the car is considered a seat behind the driver. So before you choose a chair, you need to install the missing belts if they are not. To better protect the child from injury provides a special system ISOFIX.

Its installation can be done by yourself or seek professional help. If you decide to use a special system ISOFIX, the child seat should be chosen to be attached by means of this system. These precautions will help to make sure that a child doesn`t fall, and the price of children’s car seats is quite acceptable.

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